About Us

Our Goal & Purpose

Retirement Coaching is a journey and a transition, not a single goal or one objective. It is different for everyone. We want to help you navigate that transition from working to having the complete freedom to choose your own focus and purpose every day.

You were a leader in your career – consider the power of leading yourself and doing something “new” to inspire and grow. Business always involved constant challenges and decision making that shaped lives and determined future outcomes. Retirement is the chance to find the identity and roles that will help you have value, and make an impact in new and different ways for your family, friends and society.

How does it work?

Our program involves private exclusive interviews along with assessment through accredited programs that allow us to create a holistic view of your world and your unique combination of personal and human traits and styles

The following Four Phases will get you involved in assessing your own circumstances through detailed discussions and using our tools. We will help you by creating concrete feedback and recommendations for you at each phase. For a more in-depth look at how we can help learn more about our seminars.

Our interviews and assessments help us understand and plan your ideal retirement.

The Discovery Meeting

Determine if this is a fit for you. Will it have value and will it be beneficial and worth investing some time and effort in? Make the decision to proceed or not.

  • Create a relationship and determine working style.

  • High level verbal assessment of your current situation and circumstances.

  • Understand existing opportunities, constraints or boundaries and introduce our process and methods.

Assessment & Analysis

Personal profiling tools provide a deep understanding of you as an individual and your unique circumstances. Combined together we use these to map out our priorities for ongoing coaching sessions.

  • Social style discussion on general interactive working relationship and personal style.

  • Complete the Retirement Situational Checklist and return to your coach.

Interpretation & Findings

This session gets us started on what we have uncovered and gives us the first look at some key elements and building blocks of your retirement vision.

  • Interactive discussion to bring depth and breadth to the social style and survey findings.
  • Awareness of strengths, opportunities, preferences, tendencies.

  • Outline abilities, experience and areas of expertise.

  • Identify areas of personal interest and growth.

  • Discussions around family, financial, health and social relationships context.

Roadmap & Support Plan

This is the final meeting of the plan building program. At this point, unless something significant changes, we should have a plan that sets you off on a successful retirement journey. We also discuss our role in supporting the plan during the first year and beyond if it makes sense.

  • Delivery and walk through of the final “Retirement Roadmap” documents and any other supporting materials.

  • Discussion of the short, medium and longer term critical areas of focus.

  • Establish a short term support engagement plan allowing for three, six and twelve month contact points.

  • Discuss potential for on demand access to coaching personnel and advice as an ongoing relationship.

  • Coaching on Critical Success Factors for your plan going forward.

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